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Benefactor $1000-$2999

  • Freddi & Ken Hill
  • Huntington Hospital
  • Bill & Judy Opel
  • Lucia & David Shaw
    …in memory of Guita & Bente

Supporter $500- $999

  • John & Judy Armstrong
  • Catherine & Tim Cadogan
  • Dorothy & Mike Doyle
  • Faye A. Eggerding memory of Marylou Ingram
  • Mr. & Mrs. Roger Engemann
  • Sue & Jim Femino
  • James & Holly Fraser
  • Carole & Frank Grant
  • Dorothy K. Hull
    ...In memory of Herbert C. Hull
  • Dorothy J. Kolts memory of Judge James G. Kolts
  • Jim & Paula Orlandini
  • David and Sharon D’Aiello Sandoval memory of the D’Aiello Family

Contributor $200- $499

  • Charleen & Arden Albee
  • Laurice & Fred Balian
  • Margaret de Beixedon memory of Peggy Rinderknecht
  • Judy Bolenbaugh memory of Andy Bolenbaugh
  • George P. Coulter memory of Gloria “Corky” Coulter
  • Dr. Marie Csete
  • Jeanne Fleischman
  • Brenda & Bill Galloway
  • Penny and Michael Gill memory of Alice and Bill Peterson
  • Julie Gustafson memory of Carlton Gustafson
  • Betsy & Lloyd Hoover
  • Debbie & Brian Jones
  • Nelson D. Jones
  • Carol Keyes
  • Dr. JohnBaldeschwieler & Marlene Konnar
  • Dolores & Steve Koutnik memory of Dave & Shiela Towers, Don Brice
  • Carolyn Leslie
  • Pamela Lewis
  • Bobbie Miller memory of Steve Miller
  • Lynn H. Myers
  • Priscilla Myers memory of Dr Manuel L. Myers
  • Helmut Partma & Carla Houser Partma memory of Bradford Carr Houser
  • Tom and Elizabeth Polenzani memory of Elizabeth Polenzani
  • Robert & Barbara Proctor
  • Maureen Savage memory of Allen J. Savage
  • Greg and Susan Schwien
  • Rary Simmons
  • Edward & Gloria Smith
  • Marge Stevenson
  • Fanya & William Thomson
  • Leonard & Shelly Torrealba
  • Bob & Jan Tranquada
  • Michael & Carol Zoeller memory of Carlton “Gus” Gustafson

Friend $1 - $199

  • Dr & Mrs. William Agnew
  • Mary Ann Albee
  • Roxana and Fred Anson
  • Kathy & John Berchild
  • Mrs. Hattie M. Blanton
  • Joan & Robert Bowdoin
  • Dick & Betty Brill
  • Patricia G. Bruce memory of family and friends
  • Virginia Burger
  • Roda Cocca memory of Theodore Cocca
  • Janice Corey memory of William Corey, MD
  • Ginny & John Cushman
  • Marie & Larry Darr
  • Sandy Demarco memory of Wendy Green
  • Jerry Williams & Beth Denniston
  • Larry & Roberta Dumas memory of Carlton Gustafson
  • Bob & Kathy Klomburg
  • Patsy Leishman memory of Bill Leishman
  • Gary & Joanne Merrill
  • Connie O’Donnell memory of Edith Roberts
  • Jeanie Olson
  • Mrs. Wendell Packard
  • Cathleen Parker
  • Debi Parkhurst
  • Rita Coveney Pudenz memory of Dr. Robert H. Pudenz
  • Connie H. Ramos
  • Ann W. Riordan
    ...n memory of Dr. Richard J. Bing
  • Peggy & John Russel
  • Vicky & Jim Rutledge
  • Mr & Mrs Robert Salinas
  • Dr. and Mrs Gordon Sasaki
  • Maria Soghomonian
  • Mary Smeritschnig
  • Mr & Mrs Allen O. Smith memory of Mary McKenna Smith
  • Elaine R. Stanton memory of Col. James E. Stanton, USMC, Ret
  • Diana G. Trujillo
  • Nancy & Martin Vandernoot
  • Claire Wilcott
  • Deborah & John Williams

Please complete the online form - your generousity is greatly appreciated. To make a donation by check, please send to: Patron Donations, 2591 Fair Oaks Ave. PMB 106 Altadena, California 91001








The Guild was founded February 14, 1951, to support the work of the hospital. the first benefit was a tour of three houses in February 1952 with net proceeds of $428 given to help furnish offices of a newly established research facility, the Huntington Medical Research Institutes (HMRI). Now in its sixty-third year, the Altadena Guild has raised over $2MM for HMRI. The Guild also supports a scholarship at the hospital and donates to the Constance G. Zahorik Appearance Center located there.

For over six decades HMRI has been making biochemical discoveries that have set new precedents in the medical knowledge across the nation and around the world. Thanks to HMRI we live in a world with seat belts, the hydrocephalus shunt, advanced imaging, and many advances in diagnosis and treatment of breast colon and prostate cancers, stroke, heart disease, epilepsy, deafness, liver diseases, migraine headaches, sleep apnea, and brain diseases including Parkinsons and Alzheimers. To learn more about HMRI, click here.



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